Location: Seguin
Job Title: Conversion/Machine Operators
Job Description:

To safely produce good, quality bags using conversion equipment.

1. Performs routine operations required to operate and adjust multi-lane bag machines with autopak equipment to produce plastic bags from blown tubing.
2. Work from specific team leader / supervisor instructions, standard operating procedures and precise product specification sheets in the routine operation and adjustment of multiple bag machines running multiple products.
3. Perform set ups and changeovers based upon prescribed procedures and production demand.
4. Use ruler, retractable knifes, hook knifes and various hand tools.
5. Operate pallet jack and fork lift as assigned (once qualified)
6. Perform Quality tests on finished product to insure quality of product and conformance to specified tolerances. Areas inspected include: length and width, pre-seal location and quality, side seals, perforation or slitting, bundle count and overall appearance.
7. Perform leak audits according to standardized procedures and perform simple calculations to record results (for consumer bags)
8. Make routine machine adjustments to correct minor deviations from tolerance.
9. Diagnose routine problems, detect cause and perform required machine adjustments.
10. Detect and report faulty equipment, unusual conditions and defective material to team leader / supervisor.
11. Weigh scrap according to prescribed procedure.
12. Move materials as necessary in the performance of duties or as directed.
13. Maintain work area and equipment in a clean and orderly condition.
14. Follow prescribed Safety rules and regulations.
15. Perform other related duties as assigned, directed or in accordance with designated responsibilities.
16. Train temporary personnel and others to perform routine operations required to operate and adjust multi-lane bag machines with autopak equipment to produce integral zipper bags from blown tubing.
17. Operate up to two conversion machines as required with a Packer.
18. Cover teammates during breaks.
19. Perform other duties as requested by management.

• Basic understanding of machine operations and adjustments
• Ability to lift 30 pounds, work on feet for 12 hours, routinely reach
• Good technical skills – some background in a mechanical field
• Good attendance and work habits
• Good communication skills
On the job training provided. Skillblock classroom and practical training provided.

The operator will do his/her own quality checks. They may need to make the decision to shut their machine down and ask for maintenance/more assistance rather than produce scrap.



Dress Code:
12 Hour rotating shifts every 4 months
Day Shift $9.50, Night Shift $9.80