Order #:
Location: New Braunfels
Job Title: Cooler Assembly
Job Description:

Assemblers: This position requires flexibility because employees rotate to different stations on the assembly line. Stations include the following:

- load cooler parts onto the assembly line

- pour glue into cooler case and load case along with liner into rotating oven wheel

- attach a lid, handle, sticker

- final inspection of the cooler before it is sent to the shipping department.

Shift Schedules:                              

1st          7:00am-3:00pm

2nd        3:00pm-11:00pm

3rd         11:00pm-7:00am

*Depending on the busy season you may be required to work overtime.

Dress Code:
See Job Details for Shift Schedules
1st shift $11.00 2nd shift $11.60 3rd shift $12.00