Location: Seguin
Job Title: Packers/Plastic Bag Manufacturing(Cartoners)
Job Description:

Insert bundles of re-closable plastic bags into retail cartons. Perform duties according to proscribed schedule, Plant Manager Instructions, standardized procedures and written product specifications.

1. Assemble master boxes.
2. Load chip board and place bundles of bags into cartons.
3. Place sealed cartons into master boxes, seal on case sealer and place on pallet.
4. Stretch wrap completed pallets, fill out skid ticket, and place on pallet.
5. Write required information on outside of stretch wrap.
6. Move material as necessary using electric pallet jack.
7. Maintain work area and equipment in a clean and orderly condition.
8. Follow prescribed safety and ASI rules and regulations.
9. Perform quality tests and/or inspections on bags, finished folding cartons, and master shipping boxes to ensure quality of product and conformance to written standards.
10. Inspect bag appearance, finished carton appearance, fiber tear, and bag count by weight
11. Load cases onto pallets.
12. Feed the line with bags.
13. Drive the line by sitting and using a foot pedal to control the speed of the line.
14. Remove a string or rubber band and insert bundles into cartons
15. Server as a helper by doing rework, weighing scrap, and filling in for other positions.
16. Fill up boxes, open boxes, and keep chipboard full.
17. Putting cartons into masters.
18. Perform other duties as requested by management.

• Basic understanding of machine operations and adjustments
• Ability to lift up to 30 lbs.
• Good attendance, work habits, and attitude

Cartoners will be trained on machine knowledge, materials knowledge, paperwork, quality, safety, and housekeeping. Cartoners will need to learn how to use various machinery including a pallet jack, , stretch wrapper, trash compacter, and forklift (if necessary).



Dress Code:
5:45am-6:00pm & 5:45pm-6:00am Monday - Friday