Order #:
Customer 23728
Location: San Antonio
Job Title: Spice Manufacturing Positions
Job Description:

Family-owned and operated spice manufacturing company is looking for production associates to help hand package, label, mix/blend and monitor/run machines. Pay varies based on position, range is $8.00-$9.50. Hours are either 7-5:30 (Monday-Thursday) or 7-3:30 (Monday-Friday) based on the position. All positions are required to follow good manufacturing practices. You can apply online to be considered or come to our office to use our computers to apply. Call our office to ask about the available openings.

  • Reads customer orders, work orders, shipping order, or requisition to determine items to be pulled.
  •  Assembles customer orders from stock and places orders on pallets or shelves, or conveys orders to packing station or shipping department.
  •  Sorts and places materials or items in boxes on pallets according to predetermined sequence such as size, type, style, color, or product code.
  •  Marks materials with identifying information.
  • Records amounts of materials or items to be distributed.
  •  Weighs or counts items for distribution within plant to ensure conformance to company standards.
  •  Compiles worksheets or tickets for customer specifications.
  •  Completes requisition forms to order supplies.
  •  Ensures that orders are checked by area supervisor prior to staging.
  •  Shrink wraps completed pallets for shipment.
  •  Complies with standard operating procedures established by department.
  •  Pallet jack and forklift experience helpful
  •  Experience with scanners helpful

Good Manufacturing Practices
These regulations apply to all workers.
Workers should:
1. Use hairnets when entering production areas.
2. Use their bump caps for protection at all times.
3. Use appropriate shoes that cover the whole foot
and have hard soles. (NO TENNIS SHOES)
4. Wear clean clothes.
5. Wash their hands after using the
6. Report illness or symptoms of illness.
7. Report and cover any cuts, lesions or wounds
with blue, metal detectable band aids.
8. Tighten their back belt when lifting objects over
20 lbs.
9. Ask for assistance in lifting over
35 lbs.
10. Wear hearing protection in designated areas.
Workers are not permitted to:
1. Smoke or use tobacco anywhere except in the
designated smoking area.
2. Chew gum, eat or anywhere except in the lunch
room. Water and cups are provided in
designated areas for drinking.
3. Wear watches, jewelry, earrings, rings or other
piercings in the facility.
4. Wear muscle shirts, capri pants or shorts.
Appropriate work attire shall be worn.
5. Have beards or goatees, mustaches must be
neatly trimmed.
6. Place product on the floor without using a pallet.
7. Have loose objects in their shirt pockets.
8. Enter production areas with open sores or
infectious diseases.
9. To wear fake finger nails/finger nail polish while
handling product.
10. Have or use cell phones or other electronic
devices outside of the lunchroom area. Please
leave these items in your locker or vehicle.
11. Bring/ store food, sodas, medications in
processing areas.
12. Spit in the building including in food and storage areas.

Dress Code:
Closed toe shoes, GMP
Varies based on position see job description
Varies based on position $8.00-$9.50