Location: Austin
Job Title: Tube Bender Machine Operator(1st Shift)
Job Description:

Tube Bender $15-18 and hour First Shift


Experienced tube bender machine operator and programmer needed for Eaton Leonard VB42, Eaton Leonard CBCE25 semi-auto and  a manual Diacro bender.  You will develop an train entry level CNC operators or benders, perform routine maintenance, review engineering documents and determine angles and bends radius and tooling required set bends in a semiconductor environment.  These are 8-10 hour shifts.  Shift starts at 5:00AM


Job responsibilities include:


  • Calculating bend using  CLA formula, E/E formula and determining tangents
  • Understanding limitations of tool types
  • Reviewing prints to determine where bends vs. micro-fittings would be appropriate for cost savings
  • Inspecting and evaluating product
  • Mechanical aptitude and the ability to understand and interpret job requirements
  • Must be able to use various mechanical tools and equipment
  • Must be able to read blueprints
  • Must be able to make machine adjustments



  • High School diploma
  • Certification a plus
    • Must be able to push, pull or lift up to 50 pounds
  • Physical and drug screen
Starts at 5:00am