Order #:
Client # 25634
Location: San Antonio
Job Title: Small Parts Assembly
Job Description:

Under the direction of the area supervisor, assemble a variety of regulators for soft drink dispense systems and setups with the aid of drawings, schematics, cut sheets, bill of materials or process documents to create high quality finished products in an efficient manner. Products may be standardized as to design and function.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Repair/correction of errors
  • Housekeeping, to include sweeping, disposing of trash and maintaining clean and safe work area
  • Other duties as directed

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Assemble small sized parts varying in precision
  • Prep and attachment of subassemblies
  • Quality inspections of work in process
  • Measuring/marking/cutting/drilling/tapping
  • Use of wiring diagrams, mechanical drawings, power tools and hand tools
  • Identify opportunities for change to accomplish company goals and objectives
  • Practice safe work habits, following safety guidelines, and support company safety initiatives
  • Assist in other work departments as needed to increase knowledge and proficiency in all stations within product line.